Please help us by sending an email!

Please help us by sending an email!

Tottenham Water Inc is asking for your assistance. And you do not have to be from Tottenham to send this email. we have legitimate reasons to be concerned about our drinking water. It is our right to demand safe, potable drinking water, especially with concerns around COVID-19.

Please copy & paste the following email using the following email addresses provided and sign your own name at the end. Feel free to forward to others that may be interested in assisting.

With thanks,
Tottenham Water Inc.

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Subject Line: 

Demanding Access to Honda’s Drinking Water, COVID-19




Thursday March 26, 2020



To all of the Official Representatives, Agencies, Associated and Interested Parties of Tottenham, Town of New Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada;

At this time of uncertainty and cause for concern for personal health and safety, we demand that Safe, Clean, Clear, Potable Drinking Water from Honda in Alliston be delivered in jugs to our homes in Tottenham in The Town of New Tecumseth, Ontario.

We have been made aware that Honda Manufacturing in Alliston in the Town of New Tecumseth, Ontario will be shut down for at least two weeks. This frees up 3000-6000 m3/L of the Safe, Clean, Clear Potable Drinking Water from Collingwood that they have received for the past 20 years, while Tottenham, in the same municipality, has paid the same water rates as the rest of their municipality and received carcinogens and bacterial, brown liquid. It is at this time in particular that our demands must be met to assist my community in relation to our health and the unknowns surrounding COVID-19. 

We are being told by professionals about the necessity to drink extra water to keep us well hydrated, to wash our hands frequently and to clean and sanitize household surfaces regularly. Yet this is the drinking water that local authorities believe is acceptable to accomplish these tasks with?

Our Municipal Drinking Water has very high levels of Trihalomethanes and Iron. And we DO NOT have filtration. Iron levels are at least 2.5x the maximum allowable under The Ontario Safe Water Act (2002). Iron Bacteria creates a biofilm that lines drinking water pipes in response to high iron levels. Research indicates that viruses and bacteria, such as pneumoniae and legionellosis etc are known to harbour in this biofilm and be protected against the effects of chlorine. In some cases, chlorine has been known to assist in their colonization. NO ONE knows if COVID-19 is one of those viruses able to do this. Because no one tests the biofilm in our pipes that lead to our taps for any of these contagions.


Biofilms are the slimes that form on surfaces in contact with water, such as the inside walls of water pipes, air conditioners, cooling towers, whirlpools, shower heads, taps and humidifiers.

Once integrated into biofilm, the Legionella bacteria obtain some protection from external stressors such as the action of disinfectants and increases in water temperature. They can thus persist and even thrive within biofilm. In addition to offering protection, biofilm provides an important nutritional source for Legionella.

The presence of scale, corrosion and sediment in a water distribution system not only encourages the formation of biofilms but also provides the Legionella bacteria with nutrients.

Preventing the growth of biofilms is an important control measure against proliferation of Legionella, because once established, biofilms are extremely difficult to eradicate.”

The above quote is taken directly from Public Health Ontario’s website:…/do…/faq-legionella.pdf…

“...viruses have been detected in both confined and unconfined aquifers, and can be transported significant distances (i.e., hundreds of meters) in short timeframes (i.e., in the order of hours to days)”

This second quote is taken from Health Canada.

2.2 Exposure;…/publicat…/healthy-living/guidelines- canadian-drinking-water-quality-guideline-technical-document-enteric-viruses.html#a1

These are only the tip of the iceberg of research regarding our concerns, but we felt that information from the governments that we are asking assistance from on this matter would be a compelling start.

Drastic measures are necessary in order to ensure that the community of Tottenham receives Safe, Clean, Clear, Potable Drinking Water. We have been at risk for too long.

We demand Drinking Water from Honda Manufacturing in Alliston be delivered in jugs to every residence IMMEDIATELY!

We eagerly await your swift response to this this urgent situation. 



Save, attach & share photos in email as well.

Tottenham, Ontario's Municipal Drinking Water

Wellington Water Watchers has been accepted as a project by the Small Change Fund. (See here for more details). If you make a donation of $250 or more to the Small Change Fund on behalf of the Wellington Water Watchers you support our work to protect water AND you will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Your donation will help with the following:  

Expert Toxicology, Epidemiology, Hydrogeology and Water Filtration Opinion on health risks of THMs in Tottenham drinking water: Tottenham’s drinking water has had high levels of THMs (trihalomethanes) for eleven of the past fifteen years. (THMs are a disinfection by-product formed when chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water containing natural organic matter. Some studies present viable hypotheses for health effects such as cancer and increased reproductive risk concerns.) Iron levels continue to be 2.5 the maximum allowable. Excess Iron creates Iron Bacteria, Biofilm, which harbours and can assist in the colonization of bacteria and viruses such as Legionellosis and Pneumoniae. Our raw water is said to have high levels of Bromide, Methane and Ammonia. And high levels of Chlorine have been used to attempt to deal with the high levels of organic matter in our wells.

Residents of Tottenham, part of the Town of New Tecumseth, have been forced to advocate for the last four years to have the Town Council to take this problem seriously. The Town Council has failed to come up with a plan to ensure clean safe drinking water for Tottenham residents.

Wellington Water Watchers is working with residents group Tottenham Water and environmental lawyer David Donnelly to make the Town of New Tecumseth address the root causes of the THM contamination.

An important step in preparing the legal strategy to hold the Town Council accountable is to have an independent opinion from a toxicologist on the potential health risks of residents’ exposure to THMs.

We have retained this expert and the fee for an initial assessment is $5,000.

Your donation now of $250 or more will help us pay for this expert opinion and earn you a charitable tax receipt. 

For all donations, please note in some manner that funds are for

“Tottenham Water”.

If you prefer to write a cheque for more than $250 to make your donation then make the cheque payable to Small Change Fund and mail to Wellington Water Watchers, 42 Carden St. Guelph, N1H 3A2.

You can make a donation now of less than $250 here. 

Support the Clean Water Now campaign in Tottenham.


Mike Balkwill

Campaign Director


Tottenham Water Inc., Canada 

Tottenham’s drinking water contains excessive levels of Iron, Iron Bacteria, Chlorine and Trihalomethanes. (Chloroform and Bromodichloromethane, two types of Trihalomethanes, are Carcinogens). For 11 years, the Trihalomethane levels in Tottenham’s drinking water were above the maximum acceptable limit (according to The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act of 2002 ).  And currently, recording of running annual averages of trihalomethanes are not expressed correctly and give the illusion that the water is currently in compliance.  Iron levels have always been between two and three times the maximum allowable limit. These limits and The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act of 2002, were established as a direct result of the Walkerton tragedy.

Government Response to Excessive Levels of Trihalomethanes in Tottenham’s Municipal Drinking Water:

Despite levels of Trihalomethanes and iron in drinking water that exceed provincial standards, the Town of New Tecumseth, Simcoe-Muskoka Public Health or The Ministry of the Environment, Conservative and Parks never informed residents in any meaningful or comprehensible way.

In response to concerns raised by Tottenham Water and residents of Tottenham at the

April 2, 2019 public meeting regarding our municipal water, the Town of New Tecumseth decided to install an Aeration System to reduce Trihalomethane levels in Tottenham’s drinking water, despite having been advised by RV Anderson Consulting that it would not be effective in reducing brominated trihalomethanes.  Tottenham's drinking water contains mostly brominated trihalomethanes.


The Town of New Tecumseth also claims that a pipeline from Beeton to Tottenham will be completed by 2022. At that time, Collingwood water, mixed with Alliston well water will be sent to Tottenham to be mixed with our well water, if it is connected.

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