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Copy & Paste these Addresses to Both School Boards - No Matter Your Affiliation

Copy & Paste the Body of the Email below

As leaders in education, you express dedication to your students through your priorities:


SMCDSB Strategic Priority:  "support a culture that supports the mental health and well-being of all students to maximize their academic achievement"


SCDSB Strategic Priority:  "ensure, enhance, foster and promote safe, healthy, respectful learning and working cultures"


Students and parents need to see their school board's commitment to these priorities.


Trihalomethanes are found in high levels in Tottenham’s municipal drinking water.  Methane, bromide and ammonia are found in high quantities in Tottenham’s wells.  When mixed with chlorine, the result is a high level of brominated Trihalomethanes.  These are considered more hazardous to human health than the maximum level of chloroform in THMs is based on.  Although the municipality claims the water is safe, it has not been deemed potable under The Ontario Drinking Water Act (2002) since its inception.  Levels of Trihalomethanes have exceeded the Act’s guidelines for at least 11 years since 2003.  And currently, samples are not averaged from the areas with the highest levels of THMs as is called for in the Act.  Trihalomethanes accumulate in the body and have been known to increase the risk of liver and kidney disease/cancer; thyroid, breast, colon and rectal cancer, gastrointestinal issues and disease, miscarriage/still birth, central nervous system effects as well as an increase in respiratory and skin disease/disorders.


Iron levels have never been lower than the maximum level since 2002.  In fact they have always been at least 2.5x the maximum.  Though considered aesthetic, high iron levels create high levels of iron bacteria (a biofilm) which have been known to harbour and at times increase levels of Legionellosis and pneumoniae bacteria.


Sodium levels have been above the maximum level necessary to inform doctors so that they can inform patients on sodium restricted diets; yet doctors have not been informed.  Even though this procedure is laid out clearly in every municipal water report.


This evidence of neglect of Tottenham’s municipal drinking water is now part of your collective understanding.  Going forward, a lack of action on your part would be considered negligence as well.


Demonstrate you care. Water quality is a safety issue and as such parents need to be kept informed.  Ensure that Tottenham schools provide:  Clean, Safe, Potable drinking water to their students.

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